Using our services will ensure a brand with structure, skillful execution and strong character that communicates at a glance,
the unique quality of who you are, what you do, why you do it and what worth you provide customers.



To build or refresh your brand is a challenge, but worthwhile investment. Branding is an important way to give your business an identity, it is how your customers recognize, experience your product or service and become an advocate for your business. A strong brand reflects what your business is all about, both internally, within your team, and externally to the public.

A brand with structure, skillful execution and strong character will communicate, at a glance, the unique quality of who you are, what you do, why you do it and what worth you provide customers.

P2S is here to help translate and define all the blood, sweat and tears behind your business, into one succinct brand.

Research Identity
Brand Activations

Digital strategy


Your Digital Strategy includes a plan of how you represent your brand online. We believe there are number of essential components to this task that form a great base for a successful online marketing. Once we develop a thorough understanding of your project, audience and objectives we formulate the right digital strategy for you. Of cause there is always more you can do, but we are all about making marketing accessible to busy business owners and we like to make the task achievable both time and budget wise.

Data base development / It is crucial you keep track of your clients and grow your database.Plug2studio can help with setting up a database that automatically gets updated with subscriptions from your webpage. We can help to analyze and integrate what is most important for your data collection.

Digital marketing  / P2s can help to maintain relationships through professionally designed monthly newsletters. Email marketing will help you to keep your clients up to date with news, special offers and sales and attract new clients.

Social media / We can set you up with the main social media providers and make you look professional. You can take it from there or engage us to maintain your page with regular posts and/or paid ads.

Seo / Pay per click / If you want to take the next step we can put you in contact with one of our associates specialized in SEO and Google ads. SEO or Google ads campaign will improve your ranking for relevant keywords and drive more traffic to your page.

Reporting / Google Analytics is an amazing tool to analyze the traffic from and to your webpage. P2S can assist in integrating Google analytics into your webpage and customizing the set up to your needs. Once again you can take it from there or engage us to send monthly reports that help you to use the data collected and analyze and understand which marketing channels work best for you.

Data base development
Digital marketing
Seo / Pay per click
Reporting / Google Analytics

Web Design

If you have no web presence you have no means to maintain and grow your client base. You need a user friendly and aesthetically pleasing webpage that represents your brand in line with your brand strategy.

Before we design we will analyse your needs and make sure all requirements are covered. Plug2studio can offer web design for a number of budgets from utilising templates to fully customised designs. All designs are responsive and we can also help with

ecommerce. We make sure your brand is represented in the best possible way. If you create an online experience that people connect with, they will use your page on a regular basis.

We can also connect you with one of our associated copywriters, if you wish to get help with your content.

Strategic planning
Web Design
Web Development

Print Design


Digital drives the market place, but marketing still needs print. To have the tangible expression of print communication complement your digital marketing can be a great change.

We love doing print design and offer everything print from business cards over brochures, annual reports to books and packaging. We have long-term relationships with fantastic printers that ensure that the print is executed to match the high standards of our designs.

Annual Reports



The world wide web relies heavily on imagery to communicate.The Internet is a visual media; visitors judge with their eyes and will only digest the content if you make the whole experience a visually engaging one.

No matter the images you have in your library they will rarely be suitable for the task, as they don’t depict your individual business. You need photography that has been taken for you by a professional and with a brief from both client and designer.

We believe the imagery you use is a crucial part of your branding.

Plug2studio offers in house photography. Our product and lifestyle photography is tailor-made to your individual needs. We can help to capture your products and staff in a way that really represents your brand.

Lifestyle Photography
Product Photography
Conceptual Photography